The modern economy is based on the individual.

At the heart of the economy is not an abstract worker, but a specific person, a citizen. With their interests, knowledge, citizenship and beliefs.

He is well educated, highly professional, trained in complex technological processes.

Modern worker knows the value of himself, his work. He is an effective builder of the new economy, if he feels respectful, friendly attitude. If he understands that the country's economy works for those who create it, and therefore, including for him.

Social policy Group "ALIOT" based on Christian ethics and is focused on friendly and partnership attitude towards each particular employee.

Care of people, attention to the person of work, to his social security at the enterprise are considered as not less important direction of the activity, than the solution of production issues.

LLC “Shakhta Sibirskaya” helps the city of Polysaevo and the city of Belovo to solve social problems, thereby showing that it is possible and has to show care both about production and economic wellbeing, and about wellbeing of employees, inhabitants of the city and the region. And this is especially important in modern conditions. LLC “Shakhta Sibirskaya” provides to residents of the city workplaces and is a source of formation of the fund of the city budget.

The main objectives of the Group's social activities are:

  1. To organize charitable and social activities in such a way that the worldview emerging in people is directly expressed and strengthened in practical matters of charity.
  2. To create an effective system of social protection, assistance and support, improvement of employees, their families, as well as of socially vulnerable people from the external environment, and to create conditions for participation in charitable activities of employees and people from the external environment.
  3. Contribute to the formation of employees, their families and other people the correct worldview in relation to holidays and leisure.
  4. To develop and implement an effective system of organization of mentally useful leisure of employees and their families, primarily through the organization and holding of holidays, organization of creative and festival work, as well as sports activities.