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“Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC Construction Project is performed by “ALIOT” Group of Companies

established in 2018 by a team of professionals having vast experience in coal mines construction and operation.

The following entities are the Group’s companies:

  • “ALIOT” LLC, Moscow;


  • “Investregionstroy-Kuzbass” LLC, Kemerovo;

  • “Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC, Polysaevo;

  • “Enrichment Factory Sibirskaya” LLC, Polysaevo.

The production complex of “Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC involves the creation of a vertically integrated producing entity and logistic hub, set up for the mining, beneficiation and transportation of coal to customers which includes:

The coal mining enterprise:

  • “Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC

  • “Enrichment Factory Sibirskaya”

  • Coal loading railway station with a junction to Meret/”Proyektnaya” railway station

  • Deep sea port in the Far East

“Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC


“Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC operated under the name “Kuznetskaya” from 1957 till 2005. From 1957 till 2000, the output was maintained at 2.0 million tons per year, with high quality coal mined, Grade “DG” from upper levels and Grade “G” from lower levels.

Mining License

In conformity with the Russian Federation’s Subsoil Law, to “Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC Mining License No. KEM 14085 TE has been issued enabling coal extraction in the field of “Kuznetskaya” mine of “Leninsky” coal deposit in Kemerovo Region.

In 2016, the License was updated through Amendments to Mining License No. 293/KEM14085 TE effective 15.01.2016.

All necessary permits for the construction and development of the deposit have been received.

The volume of production is 6 million tons per year and more, production start date: end of 2020 - beginning of 2021.

Meeting Environment Protection Challenges at Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC

“Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC pays great attention to environmental issues. Towards this, as part of the design documentation for “Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC construction, that has been positively awarded upon Russian government expert review as per Russian law norms, a separate case book has been developed detailing environment protection issues, specifically:

  • Evaluation of effects on the atmospheric air,

  • Evaluation of effects on land resources,

  • Evaluation of effects on surface waters,

  • Evaluation of effects on environment within management of production wastes,

  • List of action steps to prevent and (or) to reduce potential negative environmental impact on the part of the planned economic activity and to rationally use natural resources during mine construction and operation,

  • Substantiation of decisions on wastewater treatment and on disposal of neutralized elements, and of those to prevent emergency discharges of wastewater,

  • Environment protection measures against noise,

  • Air protection and water recycling measures,

  • Measures to protect and to rationally use land resources and soil cover, including measures to restore damaged or contaminated land lots and soil cover,

  • Measures for the collection, use, neutralization, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste,

  • Subsoil protection measures,

  • Measures for the protection of flora and fauna and their habitat,

  • Measures for the conservation of aquatic biological resources and their habitat,

  • Measures to minimize the occurrence of potential emergency discharges,

  • Program of industrial environmental control (monitoring) over the character of changes in all ecosystem components during the construction and operation of the site,

  • Measures to minimize eventual emergencies at capital construction site and their eventual impact on the region’s ecosystem,

  • Mined-land reclamation.


“Enrichment Factory Sibirskaya” LLC 

The company has projection to install its own coal preparation plant of 6 million tons per year capacity at its first stage.

Staring from April 2019 design works have been carried out towards implementation of the construction project of “Enrichment Factory Sibirskaya” LLC .

The project foresees the construction of the coal preparation plant in two stages::

  • Stage 1: 6 mln ton PA capacity

  • Stage 2: up to 12 mln ton PA, inclusive handling facility to receive incoming coals


Stage 1 Construction of 6 mln ton PA “Enrichment Factory Sibirskaya” LLC with the launch scheduled for end of 2021.


In order to be able to run the program of incoming coals processing:

  • A capacity reserve is being planned to be able to accommodate the increase of

coal preparation plantoutput to 15 million ton PA.

  • To receive third-party coal, a railcar tipper is planned to be installed.

Through the washery to be built 100% of the coal output of coal preparation plant will be processed.


Coal loading railway station
with a junction to the general Russian Railways network

“Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC construction plan foresees that the captive coal loading railway station be set up with a junction to the general network of Russian Railways.

The loading railway station is projected to be built within two stages:

Stage 1:

  • As per process flow concept, 5 million ton coal per year or more to be transported.

  • Coal loading to be done from one loading track.

  • Total number of tracks to be 8:

o   inclusive of 3 electrified tracks.

  • Tracks length per Stage 1: 13.850 m:

o   inclusive of electrified tracks length: 5.500 m.

  • Construction started in July 2019.

  • Railings start Meret station is scheduled for the end of 2021.

In order to be able to run the program of third-party raw coals processing, to receive the coals an additional track is planned to be installed equipped with a railcar tipper.


Port in the Far East region

Projected Coal Terminal of “Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC in the Far East -Characteristics

Handling Capacities:

  • Stage 1: to 9 mln ton PA

  • Stage 2: to 15 mln ton PA



Services to be provided: unloading at the warehouse, storage, magnetic separation, crushing, sorting, defreezing (if necessary), vessel loading.

Top priority for our terminal is environmental safety during coal handling.

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