27 August 2021

Miner's Day

Not space - meters of soil above me,

And in the mine there is no time for holiday processions,

But we also own the extraterrestrial -

And the most earthly profession! 

Vladimir Vysotsky

A miner is one of the most difficult and responsible, but certainly important professions for the country.

Miner's Day is celebrated every year on the last Sunday of summer. In 2021 it is August 29th.

Miner's Day is the main professional holiday of Kuzbass!

Our enterprise, «Shakhta Sibirskaya» LLC, is one of the youngest in Kuzbass, and it is located in the youngest city in the region - Polysaevo.

Despite our youth, we have whole mining dynasties, for example, the working dynasty of the Denisov’s - 143 years of the family's total working experience. At the moment, Viktor Aleksandrovich Denisov is working at the mine, as the head of the preventive safety work section.

«Shakhta Sibirskaya» LLC has a strong professional team of workers, modern powerful high-performance modern equipment for passing mine workings, extracting coal and delivering it to the surface.

The skill and responsibility of the «Shakhta Sibirskaya» LLC team deserve sincere recognition, respect and deep gratitude.

For the period from January 2019 to 01.08.2021,«Shakhta Sibirskaya» LLC achieved the following results of work:

  • passed underground mine workings - 21,260 running meters;

  • 56 surface objects were built out of 94 required for the mine's commissioning.

The number of employees is 1,430 people.

The enterprise paid taxes - 325 million rubles, including 214 million rubles to the regional budget.

Payments of contributions to extra-budgetary funds amounted to 804 million rubles.

Investments amounted to 15 596 million rubles.


On the eve of the Miner's Day - August 26, 2021, the employees of the enterprise were awarded with certificates of honor and letters of thanks from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the Government of Kuzbass, the municipalities of the Polysaevsky City District and the Belovsky District and «Shakhta Sibirskaya» LLC (56 employees), cash prizes were awarded.

Miners are a special caste, a special breed. Courageous and decent, they are true to the glorious mining traditions and, of course, are devoted to their country, their people.

On Miner's Day, we would like to wish the entire staff of «Shakhta Sibirskaya» LLC health, well-being and prosperity to the families of the Miners, inexhaustible optimism and confidence in the promising future!

Thank you for your high professionalism and dedication to the mining business! Happiness and prosperity to you and your loved ones!