17 June 2021

Supply of equipment for launching longwall at Sibirskaya Mine.

In the 4th quarter of 2021 it is planned to commission “Shakhta Sibirskaya” LLC.

The first start-up face No. 1106 with reserves of 5 million tons of coal, a dip-length of 400 m and a seam thickness of up to 3 m will be equipped with high-performance modern equipment.

The face complex includes equipment from leading manufacturers:

  • sections of powered roof support and lattice sections for a longwall conveyor manufactured by CORUM GROUP;

  • electro-hydraulic control of the powered support sections EEP (Germany);

  • drive of the main conveyor PF4 / 1132 manufactured by VOSTOCHNAYA TECHNICA UK LIMITED

  • shearer SL 300 manufactured by Eickhoff Bergbautechnik (Germany);

  • electric starting equipment manufactured by Becker Mining Systems RUS LLC;

  • high pressure pumping stations manufactured by Kamat Gmbh & CO. KG.

Currently, CORUM GROUP is supplying powered roof support and lattice sections for a longwall conveyor.

As of 07.06.2021 it was delivered:

  • 98 out of 235 sections of powered support;

  • 110 out of 242 lattice sections for a longwall conveyor

With the aim of checking and linking the equipment on the surface, by the forces of the face team, the installation of a mini-longwall began, consisting of 15 sections of powered support, 15 sections of a longwall conveyor and the shearer.

In addition, the delivery and installation of a main conveyor line is being carried out, consisting of a 4LL1600 conveyor line designed to deliver coal to the surface and two 4LLT1400 gate conveyors manufactured by “Sibelectro” LLC with a FENNER DUNLOP high-strength conveyor belt.