10 July 2019

Fulfillment of plans for the development of mining operations and the construction of underground facilities of «Shakhta Sibirskaya» LLC

The construction of the underground facilities of the “Shakhta Sibirskaya» began with the infrastructure of the central incline and preparation of the site of the eastern flank shafts for mining workings.

In April, 2 preparatory faces of the central conveyor belt and central track incline were launched.

In June, the miners set about carrying out mine workings along a flanking conveyor and a flanking track. 

The flanged conveyor barrel will be the main production of coal output from the «Shakhta Sibirskaya».

Tunnel faces are equipped with tunneling machines “KP 21”, with remote control, manufactured by Kopeisk Machine-Building Plant JSC.

Lifting of rock mass is made by the transport equipment complex produced by the «Sibelektro» LLC plant in Novokuznetsk, consisting of a conveyor belt with a self-mobile end system «SKS 1.0» working in a complex with conveyors «2LT-1000».

To ensure safe and smooth operation, the technological telephone communication system «ShTSI-4» functions, which ensures continuous interaction with the mine dispatcher.

The formation of a multifunctional security system, including a personnel positioning system and aerogas control of mine workings, has begun.